Curtis Jones – Vocals
Derrick Wells – Guitars / Backing Vocals
Mat Labrèche – Guitars / Backing Vocals
Mike Raymond – Drums
Pawel Szaryk – Bass



The Nightlife year in review

Best Albums

10 Good Reasons to Move — Viscera’s Recital: Local boys do emo with weight. A precise mix of hard metal, rock, thinking man’s screamo, dance and a Latin vibe.

“We’ve crawled out of our basements to voice an opinion in song,” they rage on Ghettoblast, a clever title from the chorus that says “as long as we get to blast way outta here.” Too bad they plan to pull a Jimmy Eat World and go for a more grown-up sound in 2006.



The poets find their groove

Viscera’s Recital Stops Being So Inward

The complex, inward lyrics set to warm emo with a Latin shake and a melodic rock nod made Viscera’s Recital the thinking rocker’s band of choice. Its 2005 debut, 10 Good Reasons to Move, had that all-killer-no-filler thing going for it, but the emo-egghead stuff was lost on some. For the band’s two new tracks, Ace and Sunday, Monday, Bluesday, the suburban Ottawa quintet that busted out of the basement is going for a more basic structure, says guitarist Mat Labreche.

Viscera’s Recital has played a number of buzz-building showcase gigs in Toronto and will probably get that coveted opening spot on a major tour anytime now. Thrice and Dillinger Escape Plan, are you listening?


Ottawa Buzz: Riot Grrrls And Viscera’s Recital

Local alt.rockers Viscera’s Recital are hitting the road this month to drum up more interest in last year’s debut, 10 Good Reasons To Move.

Guitarist Mat Labreche is pretty excited.

“We cannot wait to head out and blast it for new and familiar faces,” he says.

The familiar faces will be in Ontario and Quebec, the latter due to the band’s spot on the Montreal stop of the 2004 Vans Warped Tour. The new faces will be out east, where Viscera’s Recital is venturing for the first time.

“We feel there is still a lot of unrealized potential in [10 Good Reasons To Move], therefore we decided to go back out and expose it to many more people,” says Labreche. “But we do have new material to showcase.

“We’re basically recording and banking a lot of new songs so we can use them whenever we want to put out something new.”

Viscera’s Recital play music that could satisfy both the soft and hard sides of the alt.rock crowd — melodic, emotive vocals overtop loud guitar fuzz. Labreche says the band’s M.O. is living for “those special associations and the spark in the air that is created when we connect with others through music.”

Ottawa Buzz: Riot Grrrls And Viscera’s Recital

Sicrecords.net album review

The title does do the album justice as Visceras Recital have given us 10 good reasons to move, and they have done it with some of the finest tunes of the year.